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Rutland BellRingers are Proud to have Supported

Battle's Over - A Nation's Tribute - 'Ringing out for Peace'


On the 11 November 2018 the United Kingdom and its friends overseas marked the day 100 years ago when the guns fell silent at the end of the First World War.

'Battle's Over' was a unique series of events in the morning and evening.  It involved organisations and communities from the length and breadth of the nation and in many countries abroad.

The events remembered the sacrifice of millions of men and women during World War One.

In recognition of the Centenary of this peace at 7.00pm on 11 November 2018 1,000 beacons across the UK were lit to celebrate this great moment. In conjunction at 7.05pm 1,000 church towers started to ring their bells.

In Rutland we have 182 ropes and we joined the rest of the UK to ring in as many towers as possible at the same time.

Thank you to all who supported us in the lead up to and during this event. Especially all those new ringers and those with multiple commitments during the day.

We are always keen to welcome new ringers and learners. If you know of anyone wishing to learn or was inspired to ring by this Centenary celebration please contact either of the Masters or our Chairman.