Newsletter for August 2015


John Beadman

John has recently celebrated 50 years as a bell ringer and to recognise this feat, a few little known facts!

John learnt to ring at Glaston with Lionel Atton in the mid 1960’s as there were plans to add two new trebles at Braunston and they wanted a team to be ready to ring them.  The augmentation was completed in 1967.

He rang his first quarter at Glaston for Winston Churchill’s funeral in 1965 and there is a plaque in Glaston church to this effect.

John became tower captain at Oakham for a time in the 1970’s when there was no Oakham team and practices were held once a month on a Thursday, the Braunston and Langham ringers helping out. The arrangement continued until the arrival of a ringing curate and vicar’s wife in Oakham leading to the training of a new Oakham team

For a number of years he was a very successful Rutland Branch chairman and committee member.

Not sure when he rang his first peal, that should be in the branch records I think Christopher Groome would have called it in the early 70’s

John was heavily involved in the restoration and augmentation of Brooke bells from 5 to 6 in the early 2000’s

Many congratulations to John in achieving 50 years as a ringer!


A message from Kate Flavell at Central Council

 Dear PR officers and Secretaries of CC-affiliated societies

9 September

You probably know that on 9 September Her Majesty the Queen will become the longest serving British monarch ever.  We are aware that some bishops are encouraging ringing on this day around their dioceses and indeed it seems an excellent excuse for celebratory ringing.  You may wish to ensure your ringers are aware in case they would like to join in.  You may also wish to let your local media know when special ringing is planned – it is still a fairly quiet period for news and it may be a good time to get some local publicity linked to a national event.

 25 October

This is the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt, Henry V’s famous victory on St Crispin’s Day.  We know that some ringers aren’t always keen to mark anniversaries of battles, but others like to mark notable anniversaries and there is likely to be some national media coverage of this anniversary.  If ringers in your area are arranging any special ringing it is another opportunity to link local and national events and to obtain good publicity for ringing.


If you are aiming for local publicity, do get some good photos to offer, preferably including some younger ringers, and remember to stress all the positives, such as that ringing is good fun, great teamwork and good exercise.

 With all best wishes,



The link below will take you to the ringing teacher’s newsletter which has loads of ideas etc to help both with learning and teaching.

Simply copy the link as it is into your web browser (google, yahoo etc etc) or if the link shows in blue and underlined then just click on it


Summer Festival Incorporating

Inter-Branch 8 Bell Striking Competition Saturday 19th September 2015


Rutland Branch Tour Update

 Attached to this newsletter please find the tour programme. There is one change as I have had to swap Edenham and Witham on the Hill, but otherwise it remains as published in last month’s newsletter and on the Guild website (under EVENTS on 3 October and click on the link) 

Monica advises she has heard of 7 on tour so far. If you are planning to attend it would be very helpful if you could let Monica know as this will assist the planning, especially around mealtimes. 

Should anyone need a copy of the programme or the lunch menu sent direct to them please email Alan Wordie at

Rutland Branch Autumn Tour.

On Saturday 3 October the Rutland Branch Tour will commence at 12 noon in Thurlby, and complete at 7.00 pm in Ryhall. If you look at the route on a map or google; you will note the tight loop circuit, with lunch at a very nice pub in Thurlby and tea in Bourne.

This tour is for the whole Branch and I will cater at each tower for all standards and ages of ringer. Please do not think this is not for you. IT IS!!!!!!

The eagle eyed amongst you will notice the overlap between ringing and eating at Thurlby. There is a morning of meditation in the church and hence we will start to ring at 12 noon. The plan is to order food at 11.50 am before the ringing, and then to ring until 12.45pm, ready to eat immediately and complete lunch by 1.30pm

Those wanting to miss the first tower and start eating can do so from 12.30pm (earlier if you want). I attach the menu and because it caters for variety (and has excellent meat pies that take 20 minutes to cook).

I will book a table for 12 persons but really do need to know how many will eat lunch as the pub can get full and by Sunday 20 September we will need to advise The Horseshoe if we require more than 12 seats. Monica Spence has kindly agreed to act as social secretary so please email Monica if you want a seat for lunch in The Horseshoe at Thurlby. Friends and relatives are welcome as usual.

Monica’s email:

There are 5 towers with 6 bells and Edenham with 10 bells (where we will ring on 8 and 10), all set in a  wonderful rural landscape.

Jim Lilley will join us, and Edenham is the last 10 or 12 bell tower in Lincolnshire he requires for his collection. I think he has about 3,500 towers now including some on the tour!

The date is chosen not to clash with any Stamford ringing tours, and the start point is not too difficult from both north and south of Rutland Water. I do hope this will encourage you to join us.

Please advise Monica if attending. As in the past it is not mandatory to ring at all towers and people come and go during the day which works well. There will be a small collection for contributions to the towers we visit.

I hope you will enjoy the tour. I had fun visiting these villages and the small town of Bourne. I have noted on the programme where churches (or adjacent pubs) have wcs, and hope that helps.

Parking is generally easy and straight forward. Access to Bourne Abbey Church is the only one that would benefit from searching on Google/Map.

Finally, those wishing to close the day with a beer or some food, we can decide at tea time where to go……Ryhall or Stamford perhaps.

Any questions please ask

PS Please note tower swap, Witham and Edenham. See attached revised tour plan for new details


Please note that the steeple requires repairs and the steeplejacks are due to start work on Monday 24th August and it is expected to last for 5 weeks, so basically no ringing there during the last week of August and all of September.

Rutland Tour