Rutland Bell-Ringers Newsletter for December 2017


Branch AGM Saturday 13th January 2018

3.00pm - 7.30pm

Open to all members

3.00pm - 3.45pm.
Ringing at St Peter & St Paul, Gt Casterton

4.00pm - 4.30pm
Ringing at St John the Evangelist, Ryhall

4.30pm Service

5.30pm Tea

6.00pm AGM

Ringing after the meeting until 7.30pm

Branch Major & Triples Practices

Tuesday 5th December. 7.30pm. Oakham

Thursday 4th January 2018 Uppingham 

Mini Bell.png

Uppingham intermediate 8 bell practice Every 3rd Thursday. 7.30pm.
21st December 2017 & 18th January 2018 

All are welcome to join us 

Mini Bell.png

8 Bell Practice

The November practice at Uppingham was well supported and constructive 8 bell session. We were able to ring some really good plain hunting, Plain Bob Triples and Major. The introduction of the monthly 8 bell practice in 2017 is proving beneficial to members developing technique and their own progression in methods and I'm really enthused for 2018, where I hope we will be able to develop these areas further.

Louis Totaro 

Tower Captains’ Meeting

It is hoped that Tower Captains will make themselves available for a meeting prior to the AGM

1.00pm Saturday 13th January 2018 The Green Dragon, Ryhall

Lunch options available

Menus will be provided before the event.

Please confirm your attendance As soon as possible, please, to - Jane McKee 


News from the Around the Branch


The bells at Ketton were rung for 15 minutes on Monday November 20th to celebrate the Diamond wedding anniversary of the Queen and Prince Philip. The ring ended with 70 chimes on the treble bell. This resulted in a lot of positive comments from village residents.


In Memorium - Reverend Brian Nicholls.

Brian, with his wife Liz, was a proficient and active ringer at All Saints Oakham and the benefice, prior to his ordination. He became Priest in charge at Edith Weston, Empingham, North Luffenham, Manton, Lyndon & Whitwell.
Brian died in Peterborough hospital on 25th November 2017. The funeral will be held at All Saints Church, Oakham on Thursday 21st December 2017 

Items for the January newsletter by Sunday 31st December please, to Sue Webster 


Quarter Peals

Barrowden Bell Ringers

Barrowden St Peter’s Rutland.
11th November 2017 in 45 mins (9–2–17 G#) 1272 Plain Bob Minimus

1.  Mark Webb (C)

2. Paul Diver

3. Ronnie Fraser

4. Graham Ball

5. Gavin Simpson

Rung half-muffled on the back five, in respect of the 99th Anniversary of the ending of the (1914-1918) First World War. 

Mini Bell.png

Peterborough Diocesan Guild

Ryhall, Rutland
St John the Evangelist
17th November 2017 in 45 (11–1–5 in F) 1272 London Surprise Minor

  1. Joe Ostler

  2. Vanessa E. Webster

  3. Lucy Gwynne

  4. Janet Garnett

  5. John Gwynne

  6. Adrian Malton (C) 

Mini Bell.png

Peterborough Diocesan Guild

Gt Casterton, Rutland
St Peter & St Paul
17th November 2017 in 43 (5–1–18 in A) 1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor

  1. Adrian Malton (C)

  2. Lucy Gwynne

  3. Janet Garnett

  4. Joe Ostler

  5. Alison Daniels

  6. John Gwynne 

Mini Bell.png

Peterborough Diocesan Guild

Empingham, Rutland
St Peter’s
17th November 2017 in 45 (15–2–9 in F) 1272 Rossendale Surprise Minor

  1. Alison Daniels

  2. Lucy Gwynne

  3. Janet Garnett

  4. Vanessa E. Webster

  5. John Gwynne

  6. Adrian Malton (C)

First in method - 2 & 5 

Mini Bell.png

Peterborough Diocesan Guild

Uppingham, Rutland
St Peter& St Paul
18th November 2017 in 45 (14–2–2 in E) 1280 Uxbridge Surprise Major

  1. Vanessa E. Webster

  2. Katie Wright

  3. Lucy Gwynne

  4. Alison Daniels

  5. Janet Garnett

  6. John Gwynne

  7. Adrian Malton (C)

  8. Jonathan C. Adkins 

Mini Bell.png

Peterborough Diocesan Guild

Oakham, Rutland
All Saints
18th November 2017 in 47 (24–2–9 in E) 1280 Double Norwich Court Bob Major

  1. Joe Ostler

  2. Alison Daniels

  3. Janet Garnett

  4. Lucy Gwynne

  5. Katie Wright

  6. John Gwynne

  7. Adrian Malton (C)

  8. Jonathan C. Adkins 

Mini Bell.png

Peterborough Diocesan Guild

Brooke, Rutland
St Peter
19th November 2017 in 43 minutes (8–1–2 in A) 1320 Norwich Surprise Minor

1) Richard Beadman (c)

2) Peggy Jennings

3) Val Kellett

4) David Couldwell

5) Rob Morris

6) Alan Ellis 


Rung in memory of Ernest Kellett
A quarter peal of was successfully rung in 42 minutes on the bells at St. Peter, Brooke before Evensong on Sunday 19th November.

In memory of Dr. Ernest Kellett of Market Overton. Ernest was a ringer and often attended Brooke Church with his wife Valerie. 

Mini Bell.png

Peterborough Diocesan Guild

Uppingham, Rutland
St Peter & St Paul
30th November 2017 1260 Plain Bob Minor

1) Sue Webster

2) Alan Ellis

3) David Murcott

4) Alan Wordie

5) Rob Morris

6) Richard Beadman (C)

First quarter Sue Webster
In memory of John Webster, he would be very proud. 

Mini Bell.png

Peterborough Diocesan Guild

Belton in Rutland, Rutland
St Peter
22nd November 2017 in 45 minutes (10–0–24 in G) 1320 Cambridge Surprise Minor

  1. Jane McKee - Ryhall

  2. Steve Millington - Medbourne

  3. Alan Wordie - Harringworth

  4. Louis Totaro - Oakham

  5. Rob Morris - Langham

  6. Richard Beadman - Braunston (C)

Rung in memorium to mark the centenary of the deaths of Corporal Alban Jarman and Private Charles Edward Reeve, Bell Ringers of Belton who both fell in The Great War, on the 14th November and 30th November 1917 respectively. 


Thank You to Steve Millington of Medbourne, who brought this notable anniversary to my attention. It was felt that we should, as a branch, mark this important milestone. Thank you Steve for your help and support on the night.

Louis Totaro 

Quarter Peal - Belton


On the 22nd November several branch members met to ring a commemorative quarter peal to mark the centenary of the deaths of Corporal Alban Jarman and Private Charles Edward Reeve, bell- ringers of Belton who both fell in The Great War, on the 14th November and 30th November 1917 respectively.
A well struck quarter of Cambridge Surprise Minor was rung in 45 minutes over what was challenging handling for the bells (which had not been rung for a while) and unpleasant weather conditions in the evening.

Interestingly, a copy of the news paper article of 1917 describes the memorial service for Corporal Jarman and how local ringers from the area had travelled by bicycle between 9 and 20 miles to be there. Many local towers were represented, including Oakham and Langham, and that the weather at the time was also very poor.

Despite 100 years separating both events, the team felt there were many coincidences and greater forces at work! 

History of Church Bell Ringing


As with all religions the need to call the faithful to worship has been an integral part of their lives.

In the Christian church the first missionaries used hand bells to attract attention, so they could spread the word of God, this slowly spread, and the first buildings used for worship used a bell or bells hung as we hang them today to just chime these were encouraged by Paulinus bishop of Nola around 400 AD with it becoming widespread by around 550AD.

As casting technology improved over time, bigger bells were cast needing better ways of controlling them. In England around the period of the war of the roses, bells started to be hung using a quarter wheel to help make the sound carry further this progressed over the next 100 to 150 years to the full wheel we now use. After the dissolution of the monasteries during Henry VIII reign, a great many of the bells found their way into parish churches and along with the development of the stay and slider that we know and use to this day. This enabled bell ringers to control how the bells were rung and they started experimenting in ways of changing the way the bells sounded together.

Moving forward into the 1600s bell ringing was taken up by the young gentry of the day and became a popular past and along with the previous developments in bell handling they started to find ways of ringing changes without repeating a row. It was known that on five bells the maximum number you could ring could ring was 120 and so the challenge was on to achieve this.


I’m going to leave it at this point and follow later with more. Of course, this article was composed from the work of others to whom I am grateful.

If like me, you are interested in the development of our shared hobby and its service to the church community then there is vast array of information out there to find so good luck.

Brian Newman 

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh 70th Wedding Anniversary

Oakham ringers rang to mark the Platinum wedding anniversary of the Queen and Prince Philip. Some of the regular Oakham group were able to ring for this special. This photograph of the team was taken a few days later; Peggy Jennings also rang but was unavailable for the photo! 


Christmas Message


As we enter the Christmas period I'm acutely aware that the demand for our ringing services will increase threefold. To ring for Advent and Christmas services, at as many of our local towers as possible, can be both very physically and mentally demanding on us. Particularly when we are organising our own Christmas festivities.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our branch membership and committee, for the support I have received during 2017 and my first year as Ringing Master for the Rutland Branch.

I have thoroughly enjoyed rising to the challenge and I hope all ringers and supporters of our branch have found this years' ringing interesting, fulfilling and importantly, an opportunity to learn something new.

I'm confident that 2018 will provide even more opportunities for our ringers to develop their own ability, for our membership to congregate socially to share their professional and personal ringing experiences and further strengthen existing and create new ties between towers, our Branch and our Guild.

Louis Totaro