Rutland Bell-Ringers Newsletter for October 2018


Ring for your Supper

Saturday 17th November

Wing 5 - 6.30pm

For starters & main course In Wing village hall

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North Luffenham
6.30 - 8pm
Puddings & Coffee
In North Lu enham Community Centre

There will be ringing at the two towers.

For catering purposes, please confirm your a endance to Hui-yen Bloodworth.

Please contact Hui-yen if you can help with catering, in providing a dessert or assist in any way.

The Autumn Ringing Tour

For logistical reasons, the tour planned for Saturday 13th October has been postponed until next year.

Items for the November Newsletter by Wednesday 31st October please, to Sue Webster

Branch Major & Triples Practices

Tuesday 2nd October 7.30pm Oakham

Thursday 1st November 7.30pm Uppingham

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Uppingham intermediate 8 bell practice Every 3rd Thursday. 7.30pm.
18th October & 15th November

All are welcome to join us


Armistice 100 Celebrations

Arrangements are being made for as many of Rutland's ringable bells to be rung on the 11th November for the WW1 Centenary Commemorations

Drawing upon previous experience when we rang for the Queen's 90th birthday celebrations, a provisional list of towers and groups has been compiled and a number of designated coordinators have been allocated to make contact with each of these towers.

This is primarily to query and organise teams to ring on the day and the details are summarised below.

I would also like to provide some clarity over the confusion of what we have been asked to ring.

As far as I know Bruno Peek's 'Battle's Over' celebration is available to all towers, but one will need to register their tower to take part. So far 8 towers within the Rutland Branch have registered to take part.
This event is open ringing and aimed solely to ring at precisely 7.05pm - the exact moment Downing Street received notification of the Armistice being signed on 11/11/1918.

The second initiative comes from the Central Council. Basically, any towers ringing in the morning for services will be required to ring half muffled, as normal for Armistice Sunday. Muffles are then to be removed for open ringing for a more celebratory tone at precisely 12.30pm. This isn’t logistical so our aim is to ring in as many towers possible during the course of the afternoon.

Naturally, we are aware that many towers are already making their own arrangements, but it is imperative that every tower confirms to their allocated coordinator and myself that arrangements are in place. (When you plan to ring, number of ringers you have, etc).

If any tower is short of ringers then please contact your coordinator to source ringers from within the group in the first instance. IF groups remain short then please liaise with myself or Alan Ellis to see if we can source ringers from elsewhere within the Branch to help you out.

Details of groups and co-ordinators are listed below.

Furthermore, if any tower is unsure of the condition of their bells as being ringable then I would urge you to contact Ted Philips our Steward, who will be more than happy to come out and carry out an inspection.

Note to our Co-ordinators - If you have not done already please contact me to confirm that arrangements to contact towers is underway as regular updates and communication from you is key to making sure no tower is left without support. - 'You have been warned!!!'

Note to Tower Captains - please contact your coordinator to confirm your planned arrangements and if you require any support/extra ringers

Note to our Members - I realise that the day is likely to bring an unending session of ringing but I must ask a big favour of you all and request that you clear your diaries and make yourselves available to either ring throughout the day (lunchtime/afternoon/evening) and/or at different towers to help any shortfalls.

Note to our new learners - You're all doing marvellously well to get yourself 'match fit' for the big day. Please don't let the time pressure get to you, keep enjoying the experience, keep up the practicing and you'll soon be reaping the rewards. For the hard work you have already done and in advance of the next few weeks of effort - thank you, it is very much appreciated for the efforts you are making and it is certainly a valuable contribution to our county and nationwide event.

Naturally, my thanks extends to everyone taking part. I realise this is a big undertaking but this system can work very well and if we all pull together then it will be such and achievement and a fitting tribute to all those who fell in the Great War.

Group: 1

(Co-ordinators: Louis Totaro & Richard Beadman)

Oakham, Whissendine, Langham, Braunston, Brooke, Ridlington, Hambleton

Group: 2

(Co-ordinators: Sue Webster & Louis Totaro)

Uppingham, Lyddington, Caldecott, Belton, Preston, Ayston, Wing

Group: 3
(Co-ordinator: Alan Wordie)

Seaton, Harringworth, Glaston, Ketten, Gretton, Barrowden

Group: 4
(Co-ordinators: Ann Archer & Alan Ellis)

Ryhall, Great Casterton, Greetham, Cottesmore, Market Overton, Exton

Group: 5
(Co-ordinators: Bob Willars & Vic Arnold)

Empingham, Edith Weston, North Luffenham, South Luffenham, Morcott, Lyndon


From CCCBR - Important:

Register/update your profile before October 11 to receive your Ringing Remembers badge in time for Armistice Day

CCCBR have been updating the signup database over the last few weeks in anticipation of sending out #RingingRemembers badges to new recruits. Thank you to everyone who has registered and updated their profiles.

If you have not done so already, please make sure you register yourself on the sign up database. If you have already registered, please make sure you have logged in and updated your account so we know that you are learning to ring. Please help us by asking other new recruits to register and update their profile, particularly if you know they are not able to read this message. The link to register and login is:

Can I wear my Ringing Remembers badge on Armistice Day?

If you would like to receive your badge before Armistice Day (11 November) you need to register/update your profile by 11 October. Badges will then be sent out, in batches, and we hope that all learners will have them in time to wear when they ring on Armistice Day.

Learners who sign up after October 11 will still receive a badge but we cannot guarantee that they will receive it in time for Armistice Day.

When is the cut off for the Ringing Remembers campaign?

The cut off for being counted as part of Ringing Remembers is November 11 - after that day we will no longer register learners for the campaign.

What are the Ringing Remembers badges?

These special badges are for Ringing Remembers recruits to recognise their participation as learners in the Ringing Remembers campaign, which has sought to recruit new bell ringers to commemorate the 1,400 that died in WW1. Ringing Remembers recruits will ring on Armistice Day alongside existing ringers across the country.

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 15.35.21.png

Can all bell ringers who ring for the Armistice Centenary have Ringing Remembers badges?

Please note. To qualify for registration as already learning, or a returning ringer, you must have had your first lesson, or restarted ringing, on or after 1st August 2017.

Bell Towers will be able to receive special certificates for ringing at 12.30pm on November 11 to recognise their contribution to the UK Government's national WW1 centenary commemorations.

More details for these certificates will be announced shortly.


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Please click the button for listings


Alan Regin, the world’s most enthusiastic bell ringer, was awarded his MBE in the 2017/8 New Year Honours List, for services to campanology and its heritage.

With Armistice Day, 11th November 2018, commemorating 100 years since the end of World War 1, just days away, Alan will be giving a talk about his research into the 1400 bell ringers who died in World War 1, each of whom have their own fascinating story – and much more!

Please join us at All Saints Church, Campton, SG17 5NY

For Alan’s talk on Friday evening, 2nd November. 7.30 for 8.00pm

Received via The Secretary Peterborough Diocesan Guild

Fundraising Concert

Held 1st September 2018, Oakham

Following last month's newsletter feature of the successful fundraising concert held at Oakham; I am pleased to announce that a total £810.01 was raised at the event. This is truly a fantastic sum of money to raise and very well deserved from the exceptional performances and artists of which us - the audience, was thoroughly entertained and very privileged to witness.

Myself and Alan Ellis will now be discussing plans to allocate some of these monies towards the cost of purchasing a new wireless simulator for the northern region of the branch. A sum of money will be saved for priority repairs for Oakham's bells, to keep them in running condition.

On behalf of both the Rutland Branch Committee and membership; and from the Bell Ringers of Oakham I would like to formally give a token of heartfelt thanks to Gina Baker, her colleagues the Conservatoire and to Sue Baker for the many hours of work, effort and planning that must have been needed in making this event such a true success. Also, not forgetting those unnamed heroes that were involved in the advertising and catering.

Thank You ALL!

Louis Totaro Ringing Master

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Bell Ringing Practice Night


On a recent midweek break in a cabin cruiser on the Norfolk Broads with our 20 odd year old son and daughter, we planned a Wednesday night stop at the small broad next to Ranworth. I had done the research, knowing the practice night was that evening at 8pm.

As we have done many times over the years, we dropped the mud weight in the middle of the broad (we do this for privacy) and I rowed us all over to the quayside where most of the cruisers dock next to each other. Rowing four adults was a bit of a task in a small dinghy, but we made it.

Decked in our life jackets, we arrived at the very nice pub, and had a good main course. While my family were having pudding, coffee and a later drink, I went to the church, receiving a very warm welcome.

A few rounds, call changes and Bob Doubles later, I thanked them for their hospitality and made my way back to the pub, now in the dark, and rowed my family back to the cruiser for a quiet night.

Can anyone beat this as an odd way of getting to practice?

Simon Forster


News From the Towers

Tinwell update: A party of ringers from Ketton arrived on Sunday 30/9/18 at Tinwell to ring for the first time in 10 years for a service (Harvest Festival). It was only on the front three, as the tenor is still to be fully checked out and re-lubricated, perhaps with new bearings fitted. The vicar and congregation were very appreciative and we all look forward to a repeat visit for the Armistice 100 celebrations. The tenor bell will continue to be the focus, to establish if it can be made easier to ring, given that, at the moment, it takes a good and substantial ringer to operate.

Simon Forster