Rutland Bell-Ringers Newsletter for April 2018



21st-23rd April
Quarter Peal Weekend & Ringing to celebrate St George’s Day

Please could Tower Captains and members please notify either myself; Alan Ellis, Alan Wordie or RIchard Beadman, if you would like to host or take part in a Quarter Peal for St George's Day so that arrangements can be made. 

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Saturday 5th May

10.00am - 12 ‘Understanding Call Changes’ Uppingham

Following the ongoing success of our training sessions the next one will be held at Uppingham, where we will focus on good striking and call changes.
This session will be centred on those would like to understand call changes better, know what to look for to improve striking and for those who would like to have a go at conducting call changes.

The session will be designed to cater for everyone, so everyone is most welcome! 

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Saturday 12th May 8.00am - 12md. Uppingham

Fund Raising Cake Stall Uppingham Market Place

Donations of cakes would be very welcome! 

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Saturday 12th May 4.00pm - 7.00pm
Branch 6 Bell Striking Competition Whissendine

The striking competition this year will be hosted by Whissendine. With around 6 weeks to go, myself and Alan Ellis would like to have advance notice of which teams/towers are intending to take part.

At last year’s event 6 teams entered, but I'm hoping we can go better in 2018. So I invite and encourage any towers who have not previously entered to have a go.

If you are uncertain about what to ring.... rounds and call changes are more than acceptable. In the past teams have won the competition by ringing good rounds and call changes - so no excuses!

It is also a fantastic event for members to meet up, have a tea/coffee, cake and share experiences, or just to have a chat that doesn't involve ringing!

Louis Totaro

Branch Major & Triples Practices

Thursday 3rd May. 7.30pm Uppingham

Tuesday 5th June. 7.30pm Oakham

Thursday 5thJuly. 7.30pm Uppingham 

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Uppingham intermediate 8 bell practice Every 3rd Thursday. 7.30pm.
19th April & 21st June

All are welcome to join us

Items for the May newsletter by Monday 30th April please, to Sue Webster


Peterborough Diocesan Guild Caldecott , Rutland
St John the Evangelist
16th March 2018 (8–0–15 in G) 1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor Composed by Danial W. Brady

1. Andrew Young

2. William H. J. Norton

3. Steve Millington (C)

4. Diana Young

5. Terry Iliffe

6. Alistair Donaldson

Congratulations to Fiona and Steve on their 10th Wedding Anniversary. 


Peterborough Diocesan Guild Great Casterton, Rutland
St Peter & St Paul
2nd April 2018 in 45 minutes 1260 Plain Bob Doubles

1. Eloise Dickerson

2. Lynsey Roderick

3. Ann Archer

4. Kate Riley

5. David Peacock (C)

6. Tim Holt (1st Quarter)

We rang to commemorate 300th anniversary of the installation of five of our bells by Henry Penn in 1718. 

Bob Doubles Practice Sessions


Alan Wordie and Bob Willars organised a series of practice sessions to help those trying to break into method ringing.

The sessions are held on Monday evenings, with each session being held in a different tower.

Everyone is welcome, either as someone who would like to learn or improve their Bob Doubles, or as a more experienced ringer who can help make sure that each learner rings alongside five experienced ringers.

The next dates and venues are as follows:

Each session runs from 7.30pm - 9pm.

April 9th - Harringworth

April 16th - North Luffenham

April 23rd - Seaton

Bob Willars Empingham

Annual Branch Dinner


This year the dinner was at The Wicked Witch, Ryhall. The menu was interesting with dishes containing trout and crab, goat’s curd, tuna and duck and quail for starters. The main course was a choice from: Beef, cod, duck, venison and bass. Dessert was equally interesting but no-one ventured for the sweet potato cake!

Twenty three members attended the evening, including; Robin and Judith Rogers, Christopher Groome and his son William. With ages ranging from 15 to Tony Clark! The ambience and service was excellent and I believe everyone enjoyed the meal and the discussions during the evening.

Perhaps the one disappointment was the low level of numbers. I am sure the committee will discuss this prior to the next dinner but I would welcome any comments from individuals as to why they did not attend. Whether too expensive, too far, disliked the menu or whatever.

The date is fixed a year in advance and is widely publicised in this newsletter, so forgetting is not an excuse!

A raffle held on the evening made £51 profit for the branch.

John Tomalin

From the Ringing Master

March was a tricky month, due to the prevailing weather conditions. The ‘Beast from the East’ caused us to cancel both the 8 bell branch practice at Uppingham and the beach learner practice at North Luffenham during the rst half of the month.

However, not to be deterred we were able to reschedule the latter event on the 24th. This was an excellent practice and I was heartened to see both raw recruits begin handling a bell, ringers polishing their leading, ringing rounds and call changing skills as well as opportunities for some to practice Plain Hunt. It was also nice to see a ringer come back and try again a er a brief rest period........40+years!

A big Thank You to the 2 Alan's for their support on the day and to Hui-yen and Vic for managing to re-arrange the event at short notice.

Welcome back to Matthew Blurton and Katie Noble, who were here during the spring/summer/autumn last year. After an eventful winter for them (a long story!), we're so grateful to see them back and looking forward to their support for another year ahead.

Louis Totaro

Central council of Church Bell ringers

President’s Easter message 2018

Posted on 1st April 2018

On this day – Easter Sunday 2018 – I am reminded of some of the many marvellous attributes associated with bellringing. One week ago – Palm Sunday – our local team at St Mary’s Harrow-on-the-Hill rang for service as usual. We were able to ring all 10 bells, with a mix of experienced and relatively new team members. Today, on the other side of the world, I was able to join the team at St Mary’s Cathedral Sydney. We rang all 12 bells for the Easter Sunday service, with around 15 ringers being present. And I know that, all around the world, ringers will be supporting their local towers on this pre-eminent Christian feast day.

This tale of two towers, geographically so separated, brings to mind four attributes of a “healthy” ringing team – Quantity, Quality, Capability and Community.
In terms of quantity, at both of these towers bells are regularly rung – every Sunday, and frequently twice on Sunday – and usually have sufficient to ring all the bells. Both towers have healthy recruitment and teaching programmes, with “developmental” quarter peals and peals for special occasions.

In terms of quality, both towers have a focus on good striking, and a repertoire of methods which continues to broaden and deepen. This is evidenced by unsolicited feedback from our listeners – the local community – who value the place that ringing holds within the ebb and flow of daily life.
At both towers, the teams are extending their capabilities. This can be through trying new methods, trying heavier bells, or having a go at calling and conducting. Members of each team also regularly travel to other towers to seize opportunities for ringing different things with different people.

Most importantly for me is the unique sense of community and camaraderie within each team. We look out for each other, both in the tower and outside the tower. We open our towers on many occasions throughout the year for visitors, ringer or non-ringer. We support branch and association ringing events as much as possible, and there is purpose, commitment, enthusiasm and enjoyment in all the ringing we do.

As we gather this Sunday to give external expression to the Easter message, let’s all of us aspire to achieve and maintain these four characteristics ringing out confidently and wholeheartedly.

A very happy Easter to all, Christopher 

The Peterborough Diocesan Guild of Church Bell ringers

“What is meant by an Associate Member? “

A recently asked question.

Our Membership Secretary advises :

“An Associate Member is someone who doesn’t ring, for one reason or another, but is, or has been in the past, very supportive.

Often, they choose to make a financial donation, although not obligatory. However, they do need to have some definite connection. ”

Here is some information from the Guild website

There are eleven Branches, namely: Culworth, Daventry, Guilsborough, Kettering, Northampton, Oundle, Peterborough, Rutland, Thrapston, Towcester and Wellingborough.