Rutland Bell-Ringers Newsletter for July 2018


Branch Summer Tour

Saturday 21st July 2018

These are the towers we will be visiting :-

Do come and join the tour, for part of the day if you cannot make it all.

Lunch menus choices to by Wednesday 11th July

All are very welcome

There will be something for everyone, whatever your level of ringing. 


New Lodge Farm

Menu Choices

The New Lodge Farm Signature Beef Burger Watch one go by mmmmm.....! £8.95
‘’This is not just a burger it’s’’....Yvonne’s handmade Beef Burger. Served on a lightly toasted Ciaba a with mayo, fried onions and melted cheese & fries. Served with a salad garnish.

Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni (V) £8.95

Spinach and Ricotta filled cannelloni with a sweet tomato sauce, topped with a mature cheddar cheese sauce and a salad garnish.

Richard’s Jacket Potato (V and GF options) £5.50

A creamy potato in a crispy jacket with a choice of either; mature cheddar cheese, tuna & sweetcorn or New Lodge Farm beef chilli. Served with a leafy green salad, French dressing & sour cream.

New Lodge Farm Ploughman’s £6.00

Why not try this traditional farm worker’s dish? With 2 cheeses (Brie & Cheddar). Served with
salad, coleslaw, apple chutney and a crusty bread roll- (GF roll available)

Why not swap one of your cheeses for stilton £6.45 


Saturday 18th August

10am to 1pm

Good Bell Maintenance & Steeple Keeping Workshop

Items for the August Newsletter by Tuesday 31st July please, to Sue Webster


Branch Major & Triples Practices

Tuesday 7th August. 7.30pm Oakham

Thursday 6th September 7.30pm Uppingham

Mini Bell.png

Uppingham intermediate 8 bell practice Every 3rd Thursday. 7.30pm.
19th July & 16th August

Quarter Peals

Braunston in Rutland.

All Saints
Sunday, 8 July 2018 in 45m (10–0–25 in G) 1260 Plain Bob Minor

1) Sue Baker
2) Peggy Jennings
3) Alan Ellis
4) Louis Totaro
5) Rob Morris
6) Richard Beadman. ©

First quarter for Sue Baker

Congratulations to Sue’s daughter Gina on achieving her first class honours degree. 


Latest News From Peterborough Guild of Bellringers
Improve your ringing @ Tulloch

Tulloch, Inverness-shire is the venue for two separate, identical weeks in September aimed at ringers who can already handle a bell in rounds and want to polish their style, get some extra practice raising & lowering, have the mystery removed from call changes, make a start at plain hunting and/or work towards ringing inside for bob doubles.

We have two easy-to-ring peals of bells & patient friendly ART tutors on September 10 - 14 & September 17 - 21, 2018.

There are plenty of outdoor pursuits locally to occupy non-ringing spouses – river-side walks, hill climbing & canoeing etc & the autumn colours on the trees will rival New England.

Please see: If this sounds like fun (& I hope it does)

Guild AGM 2018

It was Thrapston Branch’s turn to host the Guild AGM on Saturday, June 9. Ringstead and Islip towers were visited by a reasonable number. Each had benefited from a grant of over £1,000 from the Guild Bell Fund two and six years ago respectively. Then the fine eight at Thrapston was available before the Guild service at 4.30pm, led by the Revd. Peter Baden. We remembered sixteen former members in prayers. A splendid tea was served by branch members in the church hall.

President, Geo Pullin opened and welcomed over 50 members from eight branches to the AGM around 6pm. The thanks part was agreed with acclamation on the proposition of James Grennan on behalf of the Daventry Branch to thank the incumbents, ringing stewards the Revd. Peter Baden and the tea providers.

The recognition part consisted of the announcement of seven 50-year memberships (Janet Collins, Christopher Groome, Len Hallifax, Alan Marks, Penny Pardoe, Joan Parker and Sandra Whitlam) and certificates were presented to Len and Alan.

The routine stuff followed, with spelling corrections of surnames in the minutes of the Guild AGM 2017 and subsequent Guild meetings, preceding acceptance. The published 2017 accounts were adopted and the General Management Committee report on 2017 received without comment. The Treasurer, Alan Marks, who had indicated that he wished to retire, was pleased that this year all branches had submitted monies on time so that he was able to handover accurate accounts. He explained that it would take him another two weeks to complete the formalities of changing cheque signatories etc. Alan was thanked with acclamation for doing the important job over the last ten years.

Sue Jones proposed on behalf of the Finance & General Purposes Committee that the annual subscription should be raised to £7 for adults, £3.50 for students for 2019 and that the peal fee remains at 20p per rope. An amendment for £7.50 for ease of change giving was defeated after it was pointed out that the half rate was made more difficult and any extra money just sat in bank accounts. The increase was passed nem con.

An allocation of £1,000 from the Bell Fund for the administrators to deal with minor grants over the coming year was accepted. 

The election of officers proceeded with the option of voting against never being exercised. Incumbent officers were returned with the exception of the retiring Treasurer. Members were made aware that in 2019, it is the intentions of the Secretary, Steward, Peal Secretary and 100-Club organiser to retire! There was some doubt through illness whether the Independent Examiner wished to continue, but he was re-elected. Ian Willgress referred to a short cv in circulation and proposed from the Daventry Branch that Chris FitzGerald be elected Treasurer. This was agreed in Chris’ absence due to a prior engagement.

The Secretary brought to members’ attention the statement on Safe Ringing (Insurance, Health & Safety and Safeguarding) that had been published in the Annual Report and website. Having sorted these, we now have the GDPR to divert our attention! Questioners were assured that the Executive was listing what data was kept by the Guild and its branches. It was emphasised that for the most controversial aspect – contact details on the website - written permissions under the old-fashioned Data Protection Act are still in place.

The PRO advised that the Guild website had 46,123 hits over the year, about 1,000 less than last year. The pages with the highest hit rates were Welcome!, Towers, Latest Guild News, Events, Branch Officers, Guild Officers, Bell Maintenance.

He mentioned the Armistice 100 - Ringing Remembers campaign and Master Simon Dixon handed out posters and leaflets gathered from the recent CCCBR meeting relating to it and stressed that they were for display in public places – not hidden in towers.

Nick Elks gave a detailed report on the CCCBR meeting in Lancaster when the new organisational arrangements were agreed by a large majority. The increased squeaking of chairs indicated less than rapt attention.

There was a request or two for the Guild ten-bell practices to be re-introduced and willingness to try it on a 5th Saturday basis starting on September 29, seemed to meet general favour. A collection for the Bell Fund amounted to £78.72. The meeting ended at 7.20pm.